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June 22, 2018
June 15, 2018
Gotta do it. no time to think about if it doesn't work. I am the barrier breaker (*_*)
June 8, 2018
home sick and I need to make a choice.
June 3, 2018
My week in review and a rant b4 I hit my open mics for the night. I love you all (*_*)
May 12, 2018
May 7, 2018
I'm turn 30 and plans are in the wind, the wind, I say(*_*)
April 27, 2018
The Sista got this complex occupation. I talk about upgrades and Mo'nique.
February 28, 2018
We just saw Black Panther and are too hyped (*_*)
February 19, 2018
been doing open mics and you might be able to tell I was at the end of a long night.
February 13, 2018

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